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An Invitation To All Pens Fans

Welcome To The New Pens Report!

As the Pittsburgh Penguins return to the Stanley Cup Playoffs we return to the internet to bring you our newly relaunched site featuring more Pens and NHL content than ever.

"I think we have to show some pride in the jersey that we are wearing and can't quit" --Mario Lemieux.

That is the summary of why we’re here. We take pride in the Pens and what they've built. They're the greatest team in professional sports of the last 16 years. They're the pride of Pittsburgh and of hockey. They deserve all the hype in the world and seldom get their full due for being an iconic sports dynasty.

Though it hasn't always been easy trying to get this thing fully off of the ground, we keep coming back to this site time and time again because the concept is solid. I fully believe in it.

The objective: the best locally-based hockey coverage written with passion by the people who have actually sat in the stands. A site with the power of a new generation of sports writing networks behind it. One without the constraints of a hedge fund-owned roster of endless stale sports sites nor the stiffness of an old-fashioned newspaper owned by out-of-towners who seem to change their beat writers on a whim to cover a team with decades of deeply ingrained culture and lore.

They just can't get it- we do.

We believe the best Pens communities are built by true Pens people. The ones who grew up attending games at the Civic Arena, eating Mario Bun candy bars, who had "What Would Gary Roberts Do?" t-shirts, and have been in an arena whiteout. And if you're too young to remember all that then get ready to hear some great stories!

The Pens are a culture not simply a topic for coverage. And the goal of Pens Report and our partners is to incorporate that idea into everything we do.

Capturing this feeling of the Pens nation is so important today, especially as the team is going through new monumental changes not seen since the Crosby era began. Mario Lemieux has scaled his role back, the Red Sox are here, it's truly an unprecedented time to be a Pens fan. Old familiar faces on air and in writing like Mike Lange are calling it careers too. Someone has to keep the spirit of this thing alive. We want to help do that. We want to bridge the gap between the old generation we grew up with and the new generation coming up now.

So if you're a die-hard Pens fan and want to support a Pittsburgh-born and based hockey site that will never compromise and never push our content behind paywalls, we want you to join our readership ranks!

Pittsburgh Penguins white road NHL hockey jersey
This sweater really means something to the city of Pittsburgh.

If you're on board then let us know! Pens Report is most importantly your site. We want to hear your thoughts on our content, what you want to see here, your opinions on the team, and what Penguins fandom means to you. This site can't function without the most important franchise player- you.

If you have thoughts or questions get in touch. Our comments are open. Do you additional have questions, story ideas, suggestions, or news tips? Or maybe you're a writer, fellow site, or other hockey entity who wants to work with us? You can reach us by email at

And for more from Pens content and live news coverage be sure to follow us on social media! On Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook or simply search @PensReport on any platform to find our pages.

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