Pens Recap: 2021-22 Season Final Stat Results

Reviewing The Final Statistics Tallied By The Pens' 2021-22 Regular Season

With the Pens regular season in the past tense we're taking a look at their statistical achievements for the year to wrap up before the playoffs. Although the Penguins ended on a spotty streak wins and loss wise this season was in fact a banner year in many ways.

Numerous players hit their personal high water marks and the team overall made some history, primarily focused around the "Big 3" as Sidney Crosby, Kris Letang, and Evgeni Malkin played their record breaking 16th season together.

To start off here are the inner team stats leaders. The Penguins who lead the final individual statistical categories for 2021-22:

(These leader stats include only current Pens playing at least 40 games. Sorry Zach Aston-Reese, that most hits honor evaporates with the Anaheim sun.)

Final Penguins Stats Leaders For 2021-22:

Key Production Categories-

Goals: Jake Guentzel, 40

Assists: Kris Letang, 58

Points: Sidney Crosby & Jake Guentzel, 84 each

Shots: Jake Guentzel, 264

Shooting Percentage: Evgeni Malkin, 15.5%

Plus/Minus: Brian Dumoulin, +24

Hits: Kris Letang, 171

Blocks: Brian Dumoulin, 135

Takeaways: Kris Letang Letang, 59

Player Usage-

Time On Ice: Kris Letang, 2010:38

Time On Ice Per Game: Kris Letang, 25:47

Games Played: Evan Rodrigues, 82

Faceoff Leaders-

Faceoff Wins: Sidney Crosby, 760

Faceoff Win Percentage: Jeff Carter, 57%

Special Teams Scoring-

Power Play Goals: Evgeni Malkin & Bryan Rust, 9 each

Power Play Points: Sidney Crosby, 30

Short-Handed Goals: Jeff Carter, Brian Boyle & Teddy Blueger, 1 each

Short-Handed Points: Teddy Blueger & John Marino, 2 each

Clutch Time Performers-

Overtime Goals: Kris Letang, 2

Shootout Goals: Bryan Rust, 3

Game Winning Goals: Sidney Crosby, 9

Next up there's the overall team performance vs. the rest of the NHL. The Penguins were remarkably consistent overall this year coming in at around the 11th-12th place in a number of team stat categories. The one big notable that distinguishes them from the rest of the mid-pack top 1/3 of the league is their ability to hammer the gas. When they turn it on they really turn it on. This is evident by their league-leading 10 game win streak over the entire month of the December 2021 and into January 2022.

Final Team League Stats For 2021-22:

(League position in parenthesis)

Records & Wins-

Record: 46-25-12

Points: 103 (12th)

Wins: 46 (12th)

Regulation Wins: 37 (11th)

Final Standings:

-Metropolitan Division: 3rd

-Eastern Conference: 7th

-League: 12th

Division Record: 14-9-3

Conference Record: 28-16-6

Home Record: 23-13-5

Road Record: 23-12-6

Longest Win Streak: 10 games, December 4, 2021-January 6, 2022

Multi-Game Win Streaks: 8

Best Record Month: December 2021, 7-1-0

Most Wins Month: January 2022, 10-3-2

Team Key Production-

Goals For: 269 (11th)

Goals Against: 222 (28th or 5th fewest)

Shots: 2,849 (6th)

Shots On Goal/Game: 34.7 (6th)

Shots Against/Game: 31.4 (19th or 14th fewest)

Faceoff Wins: 2,362 (11th)

Faceoff Win Percentage: 51.1% (11th)

Hits: 2,010 (10th)

Blocks: 1,094 (16th)

Takeaways: 674 (6th)

Special Teams & Situations Performances-

Power Play Percentage: 20.2% (19th)

Power Play Goals: 50 (15th)

Penalty Kill Percentage: 84.4% (3rd)

SHG: 3 (28th)

Empty Net Goals: 22 (1st)

Penalties In Minutes: 566 (31st or 2nd fewest)

Penalties Taken: 253 (31st or 2nd fewest)

Penalties Drawn: 300 (16th)

Win/Loss Scenarios-

Shootouts Wins: 3 (14th)

Overtime Wins: 6 (8th)

Wins When Scoring First: 35 (6th)

Losses When Scoring First: 28 (28th or 5th fewest)

Wins When Trailing First: 11 (22nd)

Losses When Trailing First: 20 (18th)

Closing out the review of statistical leaders for year are individual Pens performances against the rest of the league, specifically looking at who made the Top 50 skaters in important metrics. The goalies are also compared to the Top 20 netminders in the league. Overall the Penguins still have a decent stock of prime talents. Tristan Jarry was the best performing Pens vs. the rest of the NHL out of them all this season however. This marks his move into firm #1 goalie talent territory with no discussions needed about it anymore. The kid is a NHL starting goalie star.

Final Player League Stats Leaders For 2021-22:

(Pens in the Top 50 final league stats)

Top 50 In Skater Stats-


-16th- Jake Guentzel, 40

-40th- Sidney Crosby, 31


-16th- Kris Letang, 58

-28th- Sidney Crosby, 53


-24th- Sidney Crosby, 84

-26th- Jake Guentzel, 84

Plus/Minus: 46th- Brian Dumoulin, +24

Points Per Game:

-18th- Sidney Crosby, 1.22

-29th- Jake Guentzel, 1.11

-41st- Evgeni Malkin, 1.02

Total Shots:

-15th- Jake Guentzel, 264

-29th- Evan Rodrigues, 243

Faceoff Wins:

-10th- Sidney Crosby, 760

-26th- Jeff Carter, 648

Faceoff Win Percentage:

-25th- Jeff Carter, 57%

Time On Ice Total: 5th- Kris Letang, 2010:38

Hits: 49th- Kris Letang, 171


-24th- Brian Dumoulin, 139

-49th- Kris Letang, 122

Takes: 22nd- Kris Letang, 59

Scoring By Types-

Even Strength Goals:

-6th- Jake Guentzel, 33

-36th- Sidney Crosby, 23

Even Strength Points:

-11th- Jake Guentzel, 62

-35th- Sidney Crosby, 54

Power Play Goals:

-36th- Evgeni Malkin, 9

-41st- Bryan Rust, 9

Power Play Points: 18th- Sidney Crosby, 30

Overtime Goals:

-11th- Kris Letang, 2

-40th- Jeff Carter, 1

-42nd- Evgeni Malkin, 1

-43rd- Sidney Crosby, 1

Game Winning Goals:

-6th- Sidney Crosby, 9

-20th- Jake Guentzel, 7

-50th- Evgeni Malkin, 5

Empty Net Goals:

-5th- Jake Guentzel, 6

-10th- Sidney Crosby, 4

-13th- Bryan Rust, 4

Top 20 In Goalie Stats-

Goalie Wins: 8th- Tristan Jarry, 34

Goalie Saves: 11th- Tristan Jarry, 1,573

Goals Against Average: 6th- Tristan Jarry, 2.42*

Saves Percentage: 6th- Tristan Jarry, .919%*

Shut Outs:

-10th- Tristan Jarry, 4

-18th- Casey DeSmith, 3

Games Played: 8th- Tristan Jarry, 58

(*Only includes goalies with at least 30 games played)

This was just the quick break down of the final stats for the year post-season to give you a better idea of who's going to lead the charge in the playoffs and how the team might perform. Stay tuned as we hope to plunge further and much more in-depth into performance data after the season wraps. And hopefully that will end up being sometime mid-June!